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    A step towards better INDIA..
    With GST, the Indian TAX structure is completely revamped and thoroughly simplified.
    With Whiz-Accounts by your side, tax calculation & compliance
    reporting is just piece of cake.
    Taxes, Compliance & Reporting
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    Simple & Effective Solutions...
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    Become an Intelligent Enterprise
    With Whiz-Accounts & Whiz-SCM (Enterprise ERP Solution) 100% integrated,
    get financial visibility to your Inventory and Manufacturing resources in real time.
    Simple & Effective Solutions...
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    Continuous Monitoring
    Whiz-Accounts assists you to continuously monitor health of your
    business and take corrective actions.
    Financial Management progressions.
    Simple & Effective Solutions...
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    We excell in Web based Bussiness Solutions
    With Whiz-Accounts anyone could easily perform accounting
    functions at utmost ease. Whiz Accounting system made easy,
    even for Non-Accountants.
    Accounting made easy
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    Simple & Effective Solutions...

Whiz Accounts

This Simple & Effective accounting system assists you in performing all financial functions with utmost ease. A cloud based system that lets you conduct your business anytime, anywhere. It’s intuitive user interface displays accurate information in real-time. It’s graphical dashboards make it easy to filter out meaningful information from scattered data.

With Whiz-Accounts

  • See your Cash flow in Real-time.
  • Easy Online Invoicing & emailing - Quick payment receipts.
  • Real-time Invoice Aging for quick reminders.
  • Friendly Notifications for Past Due Invoices.
  • Year Over Year comparison for individual Accounts/Ledgers.
  • Single click Posting from Sub-Ledgers to General Ledger.
  • Fully integrated with Whiz-SCM our Enterprise Business Application (ERP).
  • GST Compliant system with statutory reports.


You focus on your business making sales, cracking deals and let Whiz-Accounts assist you in your book keeping and everything else. It is simple and easy with ton of features and handy notifications. Here is a brief summary. . .

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Invoicing Made Easy

Quick and easy invoicing.
Print & Post or e-Mail for quick cash flow.
Invoice Aging at a glance with different buckets.

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Keep the Tax Man Happy

GST Compliant and ready to go.
Automatic Tax calculation and reporting.
Various statutory Tax Reports.

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Manage Your Cash

Advance / On-Account Cash Receipt.
Apply cash against an Invoice or a Debit Memo.
Process Payment against payables Invoice or Party.

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Intuitive Dashboards

Dashboard for summary view of your Receivables.
Dashboard for summary view of your Payables.
Ledger - Year-Over-Year Comparison and much more.

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Pay Your Bills

Know your supplier liability in real time.
Maintain Bills with Bucketed aging.
Process and pay bills quickly.

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Reconcile your Bank Books

Verify & Match Bank Statements.
Debug and Identify Discrepancies.


General Ledger

Manual Journal, Ledger Inquiry, Trial Balance, Income Statements.

Cash Management

Cash Receipt, Cash Application, Cash Transfer, Bank Reconciliation, Cash & Bank Book.

Tax Management

GST & other Tax Elements & Tax Rates, TDS.

Accounts Payables

Payables Dashboard, Payable Invoice, Debit Memo, Aging, Purchase Register.

Accounts Receivables

Sales Dashboard, Sales Invoice, Credit Memo, Invoice Aging, Sale Register.

System Configuration

Chart of Accounts, Calendar, Payment Terms, Sequences.


Hosted on our own custom e-Whiz Cloud, Whiz-Accounts is available at your service 24x7. Let our cloud handle the hardware, software technology stacks, user interface layouts, backups and replication so that you focus on your margins and returns. Here is a brief about out cloud infrastructure . . .

User Interface Layer

Internet Browsers on your laptops, PC’s and mobile devices.

Application Components

Web Servers, scripting components, Databases etc.

Infrastructure Components

Servers and Storage Arrays, Virtual Machines (VM’s) and VM managers.


Here are some ways by which Whiz-Accounts improves efficiency and productivity of your accounting team. . . .

about us

This product of ours is outcome of Techno-Functional team efforts over the period of time. The goal was to deliver Easy to Use and Simple & Effective Accounting Solution for everyday use. Thanks to our dedicated team, we could deliver this product to our valued customers in record time.

Domain Experts

We have Domain Experts with deep understanding of business processes and best Industry practices.

Extended Product Line

Strong Product Lineup with 5 features rich Enterprise products to address business various needs.

Strong Team

Our team of 50 + Employees spread across various geographical locations.

Value to Customers

We believe in constantly adding value for our customers. We Deliver Quantifiable value to our customers exceeding their expectations.

Believe in Open Source Technology

Our products are developed using Open Source Technologies, thus low cost of acquisition and ownership.

Customer Service

We believe in serving our customers at every point of contact. We go out of our way to assist and help them. That's our "Customer first Approach".


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